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Smile with confidence again with a natural looking crown or bridge. It replaces missing teeth, improves your appearance, and makes it easier to eat the foods you love!

When you have lost one or several teeth, other nearby teeth may gradually shift out of alignment. This can cause problems with your bite and lead to tooth decay or gum disease. A custom-made bridge, containing one or more replacement teeth that fits alongside your natural teeth, can fill in the gap left by missing teeth.

A bridge not only helps prevent your other teeth from shifting, but it can also give support to your cheeks and lips which can enhance your appearance and help you speak more clearly. A bridge is secured to the surrounding teeth on both sides of the missing teeth. While most are fixed permanently in place, some bridges are removable.

Crowns are made from a specially formulated, high-strength material that looks just like your natural teeth. They are most commonly done after root canal treatments or when a large filling wears out. Crowns ride over the weakened tooth, providing strength and protecting the tooth against further breakage. A broken or cracked tooth is a far more serious matter and much more difficult to treat. Crowns can prevent this and create a nicer smile as well.